There is a plan and purpose for everything we do at Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church. Our worship at Pine Forest Estates is uplifting, inspirational, and reflective.  It is our desire during the music portion of our service to turn our focus towards God, and we do our best to make the worship experience all about Him.  This philosophy is reflected strongly in our style of worship. The preaching part of our service recognizes that God desires to communicate His truth to us by way of His Word.  When we hear His Word and apply it to our lives, it brings glory to Him.  The normal style of preaching that we use is expositional in style, because the most important word that we can hear is God’s Word. Our desire is to get a message from God not impose our message on His Word. On Sunday's, our  morning worship service (10:30am) is designed to help you grow in your love for God.  From our nurseries to our auditorium, every group is experiencing a service that is aimed to ignite that desire to love God more.  We offer a traditional worship service that contains vibrant congregational singing, special music, and enthusiastic expository preaching.  Our children's church offers the same elements, but on age-appropriate levels. The evening service (6:00pm) at Pine Forest Estates is a traditional worship service with a casual, family feel.  Our entire church family gathers for singing, fellowship, and sound Bible teaching. On Wednesday nights (7:00pm), our church is bustling with a variety of ministries for the family.  Each of these ministries has a focus: serving others.  Along with our regular Bible study and prayer meeting in the auditorium, we also have our nursery, Awana, and  Youth Group meeting at 6:45pm. At Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church we believe that our purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  If you were to ask, "What does a disciple of Jesus look like?"  We would answer, “someone that is growing in their love for God, loving their fellow believer, and serving their community.”  As you can see, the three services of our church seek to foster these activities.