Pine Forest Estates Baptist is a Bible-centered Independent Baptist Church that embraces the call to make disciples. We aren't a perfect church, but we do possess a genuine passion for God's Word and for people.  We hold a deep conviction that the greatest need of every heart is the Lord Jesus.

Our worship is not confined to a Sunday service or a midweek meeting, but is expressed throughout our week as we seek to be living examples of the gospel to all we come to meet.

You'll find ministries that engage the needs of the entire family.  From the well trained nursery staff to the exciting children's ministry, we've got opportunities for your children to be ministered to at their level.  Our youth group focuses on getting teenagers grounded in the word and emphasizes serving.   There is also a wide spectrum of other church activities and events that help each enhance our church families. For more, check out our ABOUT US page.


We believe that the Bible is God’s word. We believe in interpreting the Word of God literally. We believe that the words of Jesus are true.  We believe that there is only one way for an individual to GO TO HEAVEN. We believe that it is our responsibility to make disciples for Jesus Christ. 


Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church is committed to a specific purpose: Making Disciples.

We believe that a disciple is an individual that is growing in His love for God, loving his fellow believer, and serving his community. It is this vision that brings purpose to all that we do as a church body.  Each service, each ministry, and each message is aimed to stimulate growth in these basic areas of discipleship.

Our vision for you would be that you would discover the will of God for your life, while being supported and challenged by a real church family.


If you are looking for a church, then you are looking for a place to belong.  Adult Bible Fellowships (our Sunday School classes) are the lifeblood of our ministry.  You'll enjoy discovering God's Word concerning life issues that you are facing, while being surrounded by other individuals going through the same life-stage.  So whether you’re a young couple, single, married with teenagers, or enjoying an empty nest, we've got a place just for you!  We also have opportunities for fellowship at our monthly ladies’ Send the Light meeting, youth activities, church-wide fellowships, and multiple service projects.

Get involved today and see what God can do! LIFE GROUPS


Churches are an interesting breed aren't they?  Sometimes you might wonder what God was thinking when he created this institution of the local church. However, as you dig into the Word of God, you'll find that a church ought to be the hub of a believer’s life.  A place for an individual or family to belong.  Serving Christ with passion is a tough thing to do all by yourself.  This is where the church steps in.

At Pine Forest Estates you'll find a loving congregation that is ready to accept you into our family.  At times you'll need the friendships that you'll find in our small groups.  Many times it will be the preaching and teaching of our pastor that meets the need of your heart.  All of the time you'll enjoy the support of love and prayer that only a church family can provide.

We're a growing church, that's looking to welcome more into our family.


There is a plan and purpose for everything we do at Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church.

On Sunday's, our morning worship service is designed to help you grow in your love for God.  From our nurseries to our auditorium, every group is experiencing a service that is aimed to ignite that desire to love God more.  We offer a traditional worship service that contains vibrant congregational singing, special music, and enthusiastic expository preaching.  Our children's church offers the same elements, but on age-appropriate levels.

Our children's Sunday school and Adult Bible Fellowship classes are designed to help you love your fellow church member.  In these classes you'll learn the content of the Bible in a smaller, more casual setting with others in your own life-stage.  This enables you to build lasting friendships, study pertinent issues, and enjoy group activities.   It is through these classes that church becomes more than a weekly activity.  It becomes an extended family.

The evening service at Pine Forest Estates is a traditional worship service with a casual, family feel.  Our entire church family gathers for singing, fellowship, and sound Bible teaching.

On Wednesday nights, our church is bustling with a variety of ministries for the family.  Each of these ministries has a focus: serving others.  Along with our regular Bible study and prayer meeting in the auditorium, we also have a nursery, Youth Group, and Master Clubs.

At Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church we believe that our purpose is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  If you were to ask, "What does a disciple of Jesus look like?"  We would answer, “someone that is growing in their love for God, loving their fellow believer, and serving their community.”  As you can see, the three services of our church seek to foster these activities.


Worship.  Our worship at Pine Forest Estates is uplifting, inspirational, and reflective.  It is our desire during the music portion of our service to turn our focus towards God, and we do our best to make the worship experience all about Him.  This philosophy is reflected strongly in our style of worship.

Children.  We love children of all ages and provide excellent childcare at each one of our services. If you have a baby or toddler less than three years of age we would ask that, out of respect for others, you register them in our nursery or make use of the cry room at the back of the auditorium. A pager will be provided to you, if you choose to use the nursery, so we can contact you immediately if your child has any needs during the service. On Sunday morning we also have classes for kids all the way up through sixth grade. Our ushers or greeters can direct you to the location of the children's facilities.

Giving.  We do not invite you to our church for your money.  Our desire is that our service would be a gift to you, so don't feel obligated to give during the offering time. All we ask is that you would fill out a visitor card that is provided to you in our Guest Welcome packet and place it in the offering plate as it comes by, so that we could have a record of your visit.

Dress. You are welcome to come "as you are". Our main goal is that you would feel welcome and comfortable during your visit to our church.  Many of our members dress up for the Sunday morning worship service.  Our evening services are a little more casual.

Parking.  We have two parking areas on either side of the church. The main lot is on the east side of the auditorium and has parking designated for handicap and visitors. An additional lot is located on the west side of the auditorium under the trees. Our goal is to leave plenty of parking for our guests.

Guest Information. When visiting for the first time, please come by our Visitor Information Desk located at the main entrance to the auditorium. You will find a friendly greeter with information about service times, class locations, Bible study options, and children's ministries. To locate the desk before arriving, check out our FACILITY MAP.

Additional Information. We have a knowledgeable group of Ushers, a loving Hospitality Team that are available for your assistance. All of these servants are ready and willing to help you in any way possible. Don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do for you.